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Dec, 2021

COVID19 Guidelines for Spring 2022

Until further notice, EPBS is adopting the following Covid19 protocols for non-school-based or non-school-sponsored activities.

Minimum guidelines: 

1. When exercising outdoors, participants should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth whenever not actively exercising or participating in practices or competition (exceptions can be made for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering). *see additional outdoor info below.

2. When exercising indoors, face coverings should be worn at all times, including while exercising or participating in practices or competition. 

3. Before allowing participation in the sport, sport organizers or coaches should ask whether participants are currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If any participant does have symptoms, they should wait to enter premises for a minimum of 10 days after symptom onset OR until feverless and feeling well (without fever- reducing medication) for at least 24 hours OR confirmed to not have COVID-19 via 2 negative COVID-19 tests in a row, with testing done at least 24 hours apart 

4. Sport organizers or coaches should maintain attendance log of participants for contact tracing purposes 

5. Participants should wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before and after participating 

6. Participants should bring their own source of water and refrain from using any communal sources of hydration (e.g., team water or sports drink jug) 

7. There should be no shared athletic towels, clothing, or shoes between participants. 

8. No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, touching “go-team” hand raises, etc. can occur. 

9. No spitting or blowing of the nose without the use of a tissue is allowed.

10. Participants should avoid touching any parts of their face. Should this happen, they should use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.

11. Participants should avoid touching facility accessories (e.g., goal posts, flags)

12. Participants should use their own equipment (e.g., helmet, bat, gloves) as much as practical 

13. Participants should place personal belongings, ideally at least 6 feet away from the personal belongings of other participants

*All EPBS Baseball divisions will play in the CYSBA league for the 2022 Spring season. Below are the general guidelines for outdoor play. Until further notice, EPBS T-ball and Softball divisions will follow these same protocols (

-For all levels, the CSYBA encourages umpires to call games from behind the pitcher's mound, keeping safe social distance from all players. Any umpire that is positioned behind home plate should be wearing a face cloth, covering their mouth and nose.

-The CSYBA encourages all players, when not actively on the field of play, to wear a face mask and appropriately social distance. All coaches should have a face mask on them at all times and should be worn when social distancing is not possible.

-All participants, coaches, spectators and officials should practice six-foot social distancing while at the field.

-Spectators are strongly encouraged to seated down the 1st and 3rd base line, spaced out appropriately. Players should use existing benches/dugouts, as well as areas normally reserved for spectators near and around the backstop, keeping safe, social distancing. When social distancing is not possible, players should wear face coverings.

-There will be no post-game hand shaking. Players should line up, spaced out appropriately on their side of the field, and give a tip of the cap to the opposing team.

-The CSYBA encourages both teams to provide their own game balls. A team should use its game balls when on defense, bringing them in after the half inning. The opposing team will then have its own game balls for its defensive inning, limiting the people that touch a ball to within their own team.

-No Seeds, Gum, or Food of any kind is allowed at the field. No spitting. No sharing of water coolers.

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